Testing Schedule Updates and May Motivation

Sophia Robertson, Staff Writer

As the year comes to a close, it is important to put your best effort forward. Final exams and projects are coming up, so May is a crucial month for studying and working. Freshmen prepare for their first Advanced Placement classes, sophomores prepare for one of their hardest years, juniors begin looking at college and workplace options, and seniors begin packing for their next stage of life. As for tests, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams will begin in late May. Most exams take approximately four hours, and, if two testing dates that a particular student will take conflict, the IB exam will be taken while the AP exam will be taken at a later date. Exams begin on May 6 at the Cathedral of His Glory and finish on May 24. Specific testing dates for AP and IB exams can be provided from teachers.

End of Course tests begin at Page on May 29 when the Math I, Honors English II, Biology, and Math III EOCs take place. The next day, Honors Math III, English II, Biology, and Math I EOCs will be taken. On Friday, May 31, the rest of the EOCs, Math III, English II, Biology, and Math I, will be completed. Many End of Course testing dates depend on the class that you are in, so the dates above are an overview of approximately what day you will have your test. Dismissal will be at 1:30 on each day, and a bag lunch will be available at the end of the day. The following Monday will be when students take their teacher-made tests in Periods 1 and 2. Period 1 tests will take place in the morning and Period 2 in the afternoon. The same schedule will be present on Tuesday, June 4, but Period 3 tests will take place in the morning and Period 4 tests in the afternoon. Period 0 exams will be taken the following day, and dismissal will be at 1:30. Make up tests are scheduled to begin, and graduation practice for seniors will also happen later in the day. On Thursday, Period 5 tests will take place in the morning, and Period 6 tests begin in the afternoon. On June 7, make up testing will be completed, dismissal will be at 1:30, and graduation for the class of 2019 will take place. Due to weather and other circumstances, the last day of has been pushed back to June 11. Over the summer, many Pirates may be taking online classes. Forms must be picked up and returned to the counseling department as soon as possible so that those taking a course over the break begin their class on time and meet all of the requirements. With this said, be sure to push your hardest during the last month of the 2018-2019 school year!