Rick’s Review’s: Avengers: Endgame


Rick Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Welcome back to Rick’s Reviews, Pirates. Marvel fans have been given the most memorable movie up to date with the release of Avengers; Endgame. Laughter was shared across the theatres but as all things should be balanced, there was an equal number of tears shed as well. It all started with the first Iron Man and have built its way up to the Endgame. In the Final movie, our original heroes and many more assemble one more time to defeat the mad titan Thanos. They discovered that time travel may be part of the journey to have a chance to take down Thanos and return those who have been killed. In the conclusion, one of the original avengers will stand toe to toe with the Mad Titan. This movie will bring sadness for Marvel fans and great pity for those who felt like they have lost something big their hearts. An Excelsior! 5/5 tokens for this beautifully crafted Endgame which also the last cameo of the father of Marvel, Stan lee.