December Senior of the Month

Emma Zamani, Staff Writer

Michelle Horvath has always remained a very enthusiastic individual. Always eager to learn in all of her various classes, you cannot miss her friendly face in the back of the classroom. Giving and helpful, this senior truly deserves recognition from her peers and all of us here at Page High. Although quiet and quite reserved, her interests are still clearly expressed. During the early mornings of junior year, you may have seen her making her frequent commute to the elementary school across our campus. One of the few students here at Page who was a part of the Teacher’s Cadet program, she gained the privileges to further her learning experience in a very different environment. Now she is a part of Page Playmakers and taking Speech and Debate courses in order to improve her speaking for her future profession in teaching. Working expeditiously to meet her future goal, Michelle has done it all. During this stressful college application month where we all attempt to pinpoint our majors in advance, I believe we should all be a little more like Michelle Horvath and find what we are truly passionate about.