Club Corner: Quiz Bowl

Aminata Diawara, Staff Writer

Quiz Bowl is an academic club where students try and test their knowledge. When speaking to Brendan Yoo, president of Quiz Bowl, he stated “I have to organize practices every Wednesday of each month and we just play Quiz Bowl so that we are best prepared for success when we are participating in the competition.” Currently, the team is getting ready for a competition against Western Guildford High School. Quiz Bowl is a recent club that is pretty-well known. In the beginning of November, Brendan Yoo submitted a club form beginning the overall process. Ben Votaw, another member stated, “I like how it is set up now, I just feel like we should have more students body involved, and we also need buzzer too.” When talking about the process and improvements he wants to see in the future. Quiz Bowl is a club where students can go and put their knowledge to the test. Anyone can come and join the club and should feel free to do so. Quiz Bowl is more than just a competition-based club. It is where students can connect with each other and expand their academic horizons.