So Far In High School Who Is Your Favorite Teacher and Why?

Jasmit Leiva-Marin, Staff Writer

“So far this year Mr. Atchley is my favorite teacher because the way he teaches is really good and I’ve never had a class where I understand everything so well”-Ellen M. (Freshmen)
“Mr. Scarbro, He is a good person to talk to and he talks about good things that are very helpful to people”-Christine R. (Sophomore)
“To me so far my gym teacher Coach Sheffield is my favorite because he makes school for me a lot of fun and makes P.E. class great, I love having the chance to be so active at school”-Deangelo H. (Freshmen)
“Definitely Mr. Deaton, I have had him all four years of high school and I think he is the best teacher I’ve had”-Victoria W. (Senior)