February Student of the Month

Emma Zamani, Staff Writer

In the month of February, I believe we should turn our attention to one of the many determined and respected students we have here at Page. Khalil Robertson is known here at school as Rev, this nickname was coined from his preaching of the ministry and singing in almost each and every one of his classes. This led to the creation of “Rev and the Ushers,” where Robertson would create his own songs to sing within the church. Although he has an impressive resume outside of school, involving everything from ministry to business marketing, his educational background is quite astounding as well. Robertson leads many groups here at our school. He is the Principal Council Leader, Team Voyage Captain, and Student Body President. Although he has so much on his plate, Khalil Robertson’s kindest still shines through each cloudy morning with the phrase “I am always here to talk to you” said on the intercom.