What Are Your Opinions On A Seven Period Schedule?

Jasmit Leiva-Marin, Staff Writer

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“I have mixed emotions about it, I think it would be cool because there would be more opportunities for more classes but at the same time it would just be a lot more homework” -Gaylen G. (Sophomore)

“To me I think it is a good idea because it could mean more chances for credits” -Ali D. (Sophomore)

“Talking from experience for some people it probably seems like a bad idea, but to me it would open up a window for the art programs to grow because I feel like the art programs are dying off from a 6 period schedule and meeting requirements” -Carmen H. (Senior)

“I think it would be both good and bad, I mean yeah we would have more chances to try new classes but it would be more work and probably less time to do it”-Kyren H. (Junior)