Learn to Swim Program Graduation Highlights


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

February 14 was not only Valentine’s Day for almost 100 students from Page, but more importantly it was their graduation from the Malik Ramirez Learn to Swim Program. The Page Alumni and Friends Association that established this program exceeded their goal of helping at least 80 students learn to swim free of cost with provided transportation. Students had nearly five hours in the pool during school hours at the aquatic center, where they learned the basics of swimming and floating.

The ceremony took place in the cafeteria on Friday for the majority of sixth period. Local news stations attended and captured highlights from the graduation. Mr. Naglee spoke about the importance and the great impact of the program and was followed up by guest speakers from the Page Alumni and Friends Association, particularly Mr. Beard who gave a summary of the progress of the students and program as a whole. Principal Naglee announced that there will be another opportunity to participate in lessons during the Spring. After this, Mr. Naglee and Malik’s mother, Barbara Townsend, presented each student with a certificate. Ms. Townsend hugged each individual as he or she came forward to receive their certificate. Once the group got a photo, everyone in the program was invited to a cake reception. In the cafeteria, students laughed, enjoyed dessert, and had an opportunity to be recognized for their participation in the Malik Ramirez Learn to Swim Program.