Club Corner: Art Club

Aminata Diawara, Staff Writer

Art Club is a a place where students can go and express their individuality by drawing, molding, or taking part in many other activities. Although it’s been around for a while it is still one of our most active clubs. Most students go and not only express themselves but also relive their stress and anxiety. Evy Hochstein states, “I find art very relaxing, like an easy way to take out my stress…a creativity outlet.” She finds the meetings fun to go to, there are however other tasks at hand. “I have to email all the participants and people who run the meetings to make sure we have action for these events.” Lily Lickingham, the president of the club, states.Whether it’s modeling, painting, or just drawing it’s all about expressing yourself. “In the future I would like to see more students come to the meeting.” Lickingham states. Art Club is encouraging students to show up and not only free their minds but also try something new.