Do You Think Online Classes are Beneficial for a Student Here at Page?

Jasmit Leiva-Marin, Staff Writer

“I think online classes can be beneficial in ways that could really help someone who is struggling. Maybe they want to take a class but can’t because they have to make sure they reach all the requirements to graduate and get into the college that they want so they can take the class online in their free time and get to try new things” -Lilia E. (Sophomore)
“No, It’s not good. They don’t help you because students don’t get the hands on learning experience that you get from a normal classroom” -Eddie S. (Sophomore)
“Well I think it’s pretty good for people because they don’t have any distractions that you get in the classroom and they get to take a class that maybe Isn’t offered” -Nick C. (Sophomore)
“It’s definitely good for people because they get to take it in a comfortable environment and they can work at their own pace and maybe get credits that they need a lot quicker” -Amari P. (Sophomore)