How Do You Think Schools Should Take Precaution Now That The Coronavirus is in North Carolina?

Jasmit Leiva-Marin, Staff Writer

“Wipes, Lysol spray, and reminders for people to wash their hands. People need to keep clean and try not to risk spreading anything” -Raven A. (Senior)
“It’s way too early to really do anything. I think schools shouldn’t do something until it gets closer but they definitely should at least be prepared and have a plan.” -Ben V. (Junior)
“I think eventually they’re gonna have to cancel school because there’s so many opportunities to spread germs and sicknesses with so many people around” -Quentin S. (Sophomore)
“I think there should be no school because people aren’t cautious when it comes to spreading stuff. If people are sick they should stay at home and not increase the risk” -Andrew J. (Freshman)