Do you Believe in the Saying that High School is the Best Four years of your life?

Jasmit Leiva-Marin, Staff Writer

“No I don’t believe in that, it could be a lot better if there wasn’t so much stress and work and having to worry about things like college and your whole future ahead of you” -Winston E. (Junior)
“No, definitely not, but everyone is different and not everyone will like each other or go through the same things. Sometimes there’s problems like two different personalities clashing and could cause drama that could make it miserable for someone or maybe even the best experience of your life.” -Gemini S. (Senior)
“To me personally, not really, it honestly just depends on the school and environment that you’re in, along with the principal, teachers, staff, and people you spend those years around” -Erin B. (Junior)
“Somewhat. I feel like it plays a big role in certain people’s life because that’s when people mature and new opportunities open up. I wouldn’t say it’s such a big part in most people’s life but it definitely plays a role in it with lessons people can learn from during these four years” -Neiko P. (Senior)