Student of the Month: Fighting for February

Emmanuel Jones, Staff Writer

              Smashing the month of February with unique techniques, John “Jack” Wojnar won the title for “Student of the Month.” Becoming one of the two “Students of the Month,” John, or as many people call him, Jack is a senior at Page High School who wrestles in his free time. Some people may find this hobby extremely violent, but for Jack, it’s no different than visual or theatrical art.

               Developing an interest in wrestling at just the age of seven, Jack told “Pages by Page” that “[he] had a group of friends who liked it and would watch it. They eventually got into wrestling, WWE specifically.” Joining the bandwagon of wrestlers, Jack started watching it on TV every Monday and Friday, as well as making his parents buy all the action figures. Jack stated that “[his parents] eventually got tired of it, but [he] never grew out of it.” Becoming an addiction to the young boy, Jack was fully invested in the action and intense build-up behind wrestling, as well as being drawn to the “highflyers” such as Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne because “they were small like [him].”

               Jack knew that he wanted to become a wrestler by the time he was 10 years old. However, he didn’t start his training until he was 13 years of age, when he would get his start at “Firestar Pro Training Academy. Digging deeper into his interest and the effect it may have on a others, Jack was asked “What did wrestling bring to the community and if he thought it did at all?” He responded by saying, “Absolutely! Wrestling is full of relatable characters and enticing storytelling at different levels. There is more kid-friendly material, and then there is the more adult-oriented material. There is something in wrestling for everyone. Wrestling is an entertainment outlet that absolutely has an effect on the community.”

              Wrestling has sometimes been deemed inappropriate for children. However, Jack challenges this belief by describing how he believes it should be viewed, saying “While it’s unquestionably built around violence, there’s much more that goes into it, before it’s wrestling it is entertainment, it’s literally just like any superhero movie fight without the CGI.” Then he said, “Wrestling is storytelling; It’s the physical theater in its finest and purest form.” When Jack first learned that he was becoming the “Student of the Month” he said that “[he] was honored to be considered.” Jack is going to be a great Wrestler and by following Pirate Code, he dreams big in all that he does.