Your Voice: What Are Your Thoughts on Online Learning and the Return to School?

Throughout the quarantine, many challenges involving the students have occurred. From maintaining and managing their grades to getting the motivation to come to online classes, all students have had to deal with online learning issues. Most of the high school students that were interviewed have expressed similar views of wanting to reenter the school, to become a part of the Page Pirate Legacy again. These students have also given “Pages by Page” some input on their thoughts of how Page could change once they go back in.

Haven Hubbard

Haven Hubbard, a senior at Page High School, said, “[she] misses the computer and financing classes that [she] has been taking since [her] sophomore year” here at Page. Concerned about reopening the school, Haven also gave “Pages by Page” some insight on how she thinks entering the building should be, saying “[she] would think about how many students are allowed in the building per day.” She also feels that the kids that come in should be split up to reduce the coronavirus risk. Unlike most students, Haven has also revealed that she has never been more focused in school than she has right now. For Haven, being remote means that she can maintain her grades and become more involved in her life.

Mikhaila Hassan, another senior at Page High School gave “Pages by Page” some reasons on why she missed school as well, telling the staff that “[she] misses walking to class with [her] friends, socializing and being able to contribute in cool activities.” Mikhaila told “Pages by Page” that “[she] wouldn’t like to go back to school for [her] own safety,” stating that if she did “it’s to become more focused on [her] work than she is at home.” Holding herself more accountable, Mikhaila is determined to turn in her assignments on time and email her teachers and counselors to better prepare for college.

Mikhaila Hassan

Carmen Dale, another senior at Page High School gave “Pages by Page” some reasons on why she misses school too. Carmen “misses being able to talk to [her] friends all the time and be there for them when they needed [her] the most,” as well as discussing how their days were at the end of the school. Similar to Haven, Carmen would also like to limit the number of students that can enter the school for safety concerns. 

Carmen Dale


Lauren Sellers

Lauren Sellers a senior at Page High School said that she misses her friends and she misses her teachers. She told “Pages by Page” that socializing was the best part of her day, and she loved the gossip that went around the Page as well. Lauren stated that if she could, she would change tutoring hours because she feels like she needs more time with the teachers. She also would change the way that teachers answer her questions because she feels like she is not heard as much online than when she is in school.