Student of the Month: Encouragement Through Art

Emmanuel Jones, Staff Writer

The month of February is the month of Black History and Creativity. On February 1st, Aday Jones-Addison, became one of the two students of the month due to her incredible art abilities. Aday is a black student at Page, and her art mainly represents women of color. Aday uses a monochromatic color scheme that causes her to shade and emphasize her art.

When Aday was asked how it felt to know that she was going to be student of the month, she responded saying that the “news kind of threw [her] off, but it’s really cool to be considered, especially during these trying times giving [her] a sense of excitement.” During the interview, Aday told “Pages by Page” that “[her] art style has changed a lot throughout the years as [she] grows.” She also released information about the art that she is working on that she believes will be finished by the end of the month.

Digging deeper into what her art means to her, Aday told “Pages by Page” that “it’s always been something [she’s] poured [her] all into, so it represents a lot of feelings and personal healing to [her]. Knowing that [she] has the potential to create something that not only [she] could love means a lot to [her].” The artist started her journey in elementary school as something she could just do and have fun with. It wasn’t until middle school when she decided to be more serious and involved in her artistic abilities which gave her the opportunity to give her credit to being an artist. Looking up to artist who are a part of the minority (women, POC’s, and LGBT) some of Aday’s favorite artists “gave her a push of encouragement” to use her art to inspire all children to tap into those artistic abilities. “Even if it’s one person,” Aday feels that using her skills can encourage others to become better.