Club Corner: Pep Club

Aminata Diawara, Staff Writer

For years Pep Club has done all that it can to make sure all activities that took place at Page are supported. Although things have been difficult due to everything that has gone on in this past year, Pep Club has done all that it can to Page sure that it remains Page’s support system. Even though members of Pep Club can’t meet in person, they still have their meetings through Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls. “The biggest challenge is not being able to meet in person..some people can’t make it to the meeting, and the communication is also hard,” Peyton Leonard, chair of Pep Club, said when asked about the biggest challenges that they have had to face. One project that Pep Club participated in already was making posters for the Page-Grimsley basketball game. With these difficult times, we are grateful for Pep Club for always finding a way to bring light to any situation.