Student of the Month: April’s Alpha


Emmanuel Jones, Staff Writer

Geronimo!!! Sneaking on the frontlines for peace is Page’s very own Will Niven who fought his way to the Student of the Month achievement. Will Niven is a senior at Page who was honored with the eligibility for the Presidential Scholar. The Presidential Scholar is an ACT/SAT score-based honor that only about 4500 students across the country are eligible to apply for. Although it’s score-based, the honor goes “way beyond grades,” as they are interested in extracurriculars and character as well.

Receiving news from the US Department of Education, Will was ecstatic to know he was given an opportunity to apply for the chance to go to the White House and meet government officials, stating, “it was an honor.” Unfortunately, Will would not be chosen as one of the semi-finalists to do so. However, not bitter, Will was only pushed to go harder for his goal and future career.

After graduating, Will has plans to “[go] to the US Military Academy at West Point” where he’s confident he will “graduate and receive an Officer’s Commission’ in the Army. After graduating, he is “obligated to serve in the Army for five years, but [he’s] certainly considering serving for longer.”

Being optimistic, he believes that serving will be a wonderful steppingstone to making connections in D.C. Will, displaying passion, optimism, and confidence through rejection, is what it means to be a Page Pirate. “It was exciting to learn about [him becoming the Student of the Month] and that [he’s] honored to be a part of the publication,” ending things off by saying, “I’d just want to thank Page for being such an incredible student body and faculty. The people have made these four years great.”

This has been April’s report on Student of the Month. Stay safe and dream big in all that you do!