Your Voice: How Has School During the COVID-19 Pandemic Been?

“As a remote student, when it comes to getting the most experience remote learning is not it. I feel like we miss out on social interactions while remote learning has been ok these couple months I do miss being with my friends and being in school.” -Stephanie V.S. (12th grade)


“Since the beginning of the year things have gotten difficult with school. My biggest motivator was seeing how everyone else was excited about graduation so it kind of pushed me forward and although I miss everyone there, I fear that not everyone wears a mask so I decided to just stay home.” -Jamhya C. (12th grade)


“Being in school and playing golf has not been affected as much by COVID. I’m still playing as much as I can. However, there has been less time for me to practice with my Page teammates. I’ve really enjoyed coming back to school full time. It’s been good to see more of my friends that I wasn’t able to see while we were online. Coming back to school has allowed me to better focus on school.” -Andrew P. (12th grade)