What is Page LUX?


With the start of the 2021-22 school year, the walls all around school have been covered with flyers advertising some of Page’s many clubs and activities. One of these clubs is LUX: Ladies of Unmatched Excellence. Run by Ms. Williams, LUX is open to any young woman at Page looking for academic/career building skills, the opportunity to make new friends, and more.

LUX focuses on building academic skills and developing skills that can be useful in professional and career settings. Members engage in service learning, college visits, pre-college/ career readiness activities, and more. The club also receives visits from guest speakers and enjoys discussions with their fellow group members about a variety of topics.

Besides the opportunity to make new friends and boost your skills in high school, LUX has benefits that members can carry with them into college/careers. They can gain experience in a variety of career fields and other areas. While building skills that will help them later in life, students can earn service learning hours, which can count towards a service learning diploma and will look good on college applications or career resumes.

Overall, joining LUX is a great opportunity for any young woman at Page High School. The club meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month after school at 4:30 in room 906. As of now, there is no deadline to join, so make sure to attend the next meeting to see how LUX can help you!