Reporting on the Twerp Dance and Week

Jasmit Leiva-Marin, Staff Writer

On Saturday March 19, Page hosted their annual Twerp dance. The theme was dynamic duos, which meant the seniors had the opportunity to dress up as iconic duos like fire and ice while the underclassmen dressed to impress. Twerp is a dance where the woman is supposed to ask the man to be their date. It is an empowering moment during women’s history month that shows the women have every right to do things boys traditionally do.

Last week Page had a spirit week leading up to the dance with days including girls bringing love letters, baked goods, and breakfast while the boys bring flowers. When talking to students about their experience at twerp one student said, “It was fun for the most part, I wish the music was better, not everyone likes to dance to country music.” For many students it was their first dance of their high school experience since the start of the pandemic. With events like Twerp, students are starting to slowly feel things go back to normal.