What is Learning Hub?


TJ Hill, Staff Writer

The Learning Hub is being used throughout the whole Guilford County, starting September 26, 2022. The sessions are being held Tuesday and Thursdays every week from 4:30-6:00 in the library at Page. Free food is provided for those who attend. Science/Math will be held every Tuesday. English/Social Studies will be held on every Thursday. You cannot be late to the learning hub, or they will not let you in the library. Students are split into groups upon arrival to get the help they need. On an average day there will be about 35 students there, but the number is increasing by the day. The last day the learning hub will be available is in May.

The admin team at Page oversees the whole thing. Ms. Hackney is an AP/IB coordinator. There is a rotation of teachers that help with the learning hub each week. Some teachers do multiple days a week and some only help for one day. There will also be bus transportation provided if needed. Learning Hub gives students the chance for the one-on-one tutoring some kids need, and access to online learning. It also helps students develop new study skills and complete coursework. It can also help with retaking classes you may have failed in a previous year.

Sometimes at the Learning Hub they give away prizes. For example, at Northwest High School, they give away gift cards for people who attended the hub on both days of the week. This is a good practice because it gives students an incentive for going to the sessions. Schools like Northern High School have Learning Hub 4 days out the week. This is better than only having it 2 days out of the week. It gives students more practice. Northern also offers Saturday Hubs from 9:00am-12:00pm. They provide breakfast and lunch, but no provided transportation. This means students must arrange their own rides. Northern also does not offer transportation for Learning Hub students on Wednesdays.

The Learning Hub concept is amazing. I feel that 2 days a week is not enough- it should be offered Monday-Thursday and provide transportation for all days. It is not fair to students that do not have rides, because they may not be able to attend Learning Hub and get the help they need. I also think Page should add a Learning Hub one day over the weekend for students who are busy with clubs or sports during the week. Learning Hub is good for students that really focus on the classroom setting. Learning Hub is more isolated and one on one help is provided. Dr Mutawally mentions registration for students in need, saying “This year, people don’t know you have to register. You don’t just walk into the Learning Hub.” One of her last quotes was “You have to be on time to Learning Hub and if you aren’t, they will not open the doors for you.”