Not all Heroes Wear Capes


A hero can look like many different things- whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a friend, or even a celebrity. It isn’t always some super hero you see on TV. They are a person in your life who you believe has had the most positive impact on you. Someone that you’re able to look up to in a way you can’t with anyone else.

Kyamani Hightower is a student here at Page High school. Her hero is her Grandmother. Although she lives primarily with her mom, she still visits her grandmother frequently and says that her relationship with her grandmother is consistently tight and stable.  They have mainained a strong relationship since Kyamani was born. One of the things she feels her grandmother has that her parents lack is patience. “She’s a great listener, she won’t judge me,” says Kyamani. She also goes on to say that her grandma provides the love that she’s always wanted from family. “She took care of me as if I was her own daughter,” she says. Kyamani continues, saying that her grandmother will give you her opinion, but will explain to you why she feels a certain way. “She’s a wise person,” she says. One of Kyamani’s favorite things about her grandmother is the love she possesses in her. “She has no hate in her heart and she looks out for people. She’s also always telling me how much she loves me.”

The relationship between the two is very Christian-based. Kyamani said that this has been one of the biggest focuses throughout her life thanks to her grandmother. She describes the atmosphere at her grandma’s house as “Safe and very centered around God”. Kyamani talks about how her grandmother is who led her to Christ and who put her on the path to righteousness and virtue.

After Kyamani was led to Christ, she grew up in the church and soon began to center her life around God just as her grandmother did. A couple of the ways she built her relationship with God are singing, writing and praying. Kyamani discusses how she believes God was always there with her and helped her through hardships and praises. God changed the trajectory of her life and she has her grandmother to thank for it!