Fame and the “Big Dream” at Page

Megan Hogan, Reporter

Fame is an extensive word that is greatly looked upon for success. In spite of that, why do we view prominence as better than the majority? Is fame an expectation to be considered “successful” or do only the lucky ones receive such luxury? Our school, Page High School, states each day to “Dream Big,” but what does this inherently mean to the young adults soon becoming unchained by the rules and expectations of high school? 

American poet Emily Dickinson says fame is fickle in her poem, “Fame is a fickle Food.” It demonstrates the true reality behind fame and popularity. Many explanations can be concluded by this poem, but the true concept behind Emily Dickinson’s words state fame changes in an instant. The plate in her poem is consistently shifting and viewed as unstable. This means that fame is never a set stone. 

                                      “Fame is a fickle food 

                                        Upon a shifting plate

                                         Whose table once a

                                              Guest but not

                                       The second time is set

                              Whose crumbs the crows inspect

                                        And with ironic caw

                                           Flap past it to the

                                             Farmer’s corn

                                        Men eat of it and die”

Emily Dickinson has a way with words, creating an informal space divided into originality. Fame is anything but perfect, and society continues framing and romanticizing celebrities. No one considers the mental effects on the whole world knowing your name. Infants are born each day by a mother that no one thinks twice about. The universe does not celebrate them and their success of surviving child birth, but celebrities are worth the cheers and likes on social media. This comes to show that idols are glorified as better than the minority. How do we rationalize this concept? You can’t. The same process occurs within the government, as we know that they are elite and we often feel like peasants beneath them. Those who are not famous, or in higher authority still deserve the same respect and notoriety. A couple of students at Page High School expressed opinions on fame and dreaming big:

The question, “When you think of fame, what comes to mind?” “The first thing that comes to mind would probably be money and popularity” Page student, Molly Ruth Claims. Most would seemingly respond in the same manner as stated above. Maybe they would have multiple counter claims, but they all come back to the main principle, which is fame equals popularity. Regardless of how rich and prominent a person is, it doesn’t matter if they happen to carry a horrible reputation because they are famous. This is what’s important.

This comes into play when Senior Page student, Tremel Hester discusses his partake of fame, “Fame is ideal because everyone wants to be it nowadays; you get fame and your name out there, which can get you more friends and even haters too.” Haters hmm… Have you ever noticed the backlash and negative comments towards famous stars? Some individuals have nothing better to do rather than hurt people they do not even know. If this was someone you knew and cared about, would you make these hurtful comments? Famous people can react or partake in negative concepts that can be broadcasted all over social media. This illustrates that the only source of entertainment is based around famous individuals who make a positive or negative impact on a specific person or society as a whole. 

When asked about personal responsibility when it comes to fame, Page student Molly Ruth said, “A famous person needs to be humble because, why yes, they are awesome. They have many people that look up to them so they should be kind to those people and be humble about their achievements.” Molly Ruth continues saying, “Take actor Adam Sandler for example. Not only is he a wonderful actor, he maintains respect and dignity throughout his life of fame. He doesn’t consider himself as better than most, simply because he makes more money.” Sandler is known for wearing casual clothing, such as baggy shorts and a simple sweatshirt. He does not let society and social media dictate his personal choices, which demonstrates his true character.

In general, it can be said that fame is the path to ultimate success or that fame is simply just luck. But the one thing that everyone can agree on is that fame is not a straight path. Some are born into it, and others happen to get lucky. Either way, fame has its negative and positive consequences that can possibly affect your life-long-term. Should you give up on your dreams of making it big? Absolutely not. Should you understand what lies behind the rainbow wall of fame? Absolutely yes. No matter what you choose: As always, Dream big.