“Smile” Movie Review


Megan Hogan, Staff Writer

New horror movie “Smile” was released on September 30, 2022, just in time for Halloween season. This movie is rated R with a runtime of 1 hour 55 minutes. Unlike Terrifier 2 (read this movie review here: https://phspagesbypage.com/showcase/2022/10/24/terrifier-2-movie-review/ ), Smile has a plot and is not as graphic.

The story follows a woman named Dr. Rose Cotter, who works in a psychiatric hospital. An abnormal patient commits suicide directly in front of Dr. Cotter. Like most cases involving the mentally ill, the detectives in the movie don’t ponder much on her death. However, Dr. Cotter witnessed something completely different and bizarre. The young woman completely changed before her death, almost as if an evil spirit had overtaken her. She smiled eerily while cutting a sharp blade across her neck. In the days following the traumatic event, Dr. Cotter seems off and distant. She begins experiencing illusions that even she herself cannot truly comprehend. Rose will have to face and overcome her dark past in order to survive this new reality.

Smile is a great psychological horror movie with lots of jump scares. This is a film that allows the viewer to have fun without being entirely creeped out or disgusted. Before Smile was released in movie theaters, marketers developed an amazing strategy to promote this new film. They placed paid actors at baseball games to smile creepily throughout the entire game, drawing the people’s attention as a means of promoting the movie.

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