Football Food Bowl Feeds Community

Sophia Robertson, Staff Writer

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From October 22 to October 26, Page and Grimsley collected canned goods to give to the Out of the Garden Project, a local food assistance program for schools and families in need. Every day, students brought in cans to their first period class. There were daily winners to the first period class that brought in the most cans. There was also a prize given to the class that brought in the most cans for the entire week! This week-long event was called the Football Food Bowl.

On Monday and Thursday, the first period winner was Ms. Hackney’s IB English class. For both days in between, Mr. McGehee’s social studies students brought in the most cans. These daily winners received Krispy Kreme donuts for the entire class. It was a very tight race between the two classes, but Ms. Hackney’s class pulled through with 1,630 cans and won a catered breakfast for the near future. They are still deciding on where they would like to get this food. As a close second, Mr. McGehee’s student brought in 1,254 cans. The class that brought in the third most cans was Mrs. Weaver’s class with 229 cans, fourth place was Mrs. Conte’s class with 166, and fifth place was Mrs. Dockery-Wright’s class with 138 cans. The total number of cans collected at Page last week was 4,452, thanks to Ms. Hackney and Mr. McGehee’s very competitive classes!

On Thursday, October 25, Mr. Naglee and Mr. O’Donnell, Grimsley’s principal, sumo wrestled during halftime of the Page versus Grimsley varsity football game. I spoke with Mr. Naglee who explained to me that both principals were familiar with the Out of the Garden Project. When asked how he and Mr. O’Donnell came up with the idea of sumo wrestling if each schools collected at least 2,500 pounds of cans, our principal responded by saying that he wanted to do something where the students would have fun while “…bringing attention to a good, common cause.” At the game, there were three rounds of sumo wrestling. First, Mr. O’Donnell beat Mr. Naglee, and in the next round Mr. Naglee prevailed. The final round, to decide the winner, was a tie because both principals brought each other down! Fox8 News wrote an article and composed a video of the Grimsley and Page rivalry by interviewing both principals about the canned food drive. No matter what school brought in more cans or won the sumo wrestling competition, everyone was a winner since thousands of cans were donated to feed many people in the community. If you did not get the chance to donate any cans, another way to help out would be to volunteer. Volunteering is also a great way to earn service hours, so be sure to visit the website for more information!

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