School Remakes Cafeteria


Emmanuel Jones, Staff Writer

Throughout the summer of 2017, Page High School painted and added new furniture to the beloved cafeteria. The amount of time and effort that was put in is unbelievable. Mr. Naglee, The Principal of Page says, “It was a school district decision.” The cafeteria needed a change according to the district.

Mr.Naglee continued to say how multiple companies were hired to help redesign The Cafe. He then explained that Page students have said that they didn’t like the cafeteria design and wanted to see a change. However countless students were asked how they liked the cafeteria. The majority of the students said they didn’t like the cafeteria at all while a smaller group said that it was nice.



Isabella Ross, a sophomore says “I like the cafeteria, it’s nice and has an efficient way of getting around” others including Peyton Vanada and Ta’jia Williams, agreed with Isabella’s statement. Ta’jia Williams later added that,“The cafeteria looks nice and better that there are multiple lines so students can grab their foods easily and go, but there’s one thing I’d change and it’s the taller tables”. Others who asked to remain anonymous said “The cafeteria is lovely I just don’t sit inside because it’s compacted, but if there were less people I’d definitely sit in there”.

On the other hand Ja’zaria Mclean, a sophomore says that she doesn’t like the cafeteria and prefers to sit outside. When asked she said “No, I hate it in there it’s nasty and I’d change everything in there, It’s compacted, crowded, and hard to move so I sit outside”. Others including Sequoia Pompey and Alan James agreed with Ja’zaria’s statement, saying “It’s dirty and if a fight break out they gonna be throwing chairs.” Immanuel Rhodes, a sophomore says “It’s too crowded in the cafeteria and it’s not efficient”. Mr. Naglee says “the seating capacity of the cafeteria has been increased in a way that more students could fit in the cafeteria.”Do you agree with the cafeteria changes yes or no? Page is changing in a way that students can dream big, be inspired, and be great!