French Honor Society Sells Chocolates for the Community

Sophia Robertson, Staff Writer

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From December 17 to December 21, Page’s French Honor Society is selling chocolates to raise money for the Pirate community. The members are collecting donations of gift cards to Target and Walmart, medium sized clothing, and money during all three lunches. Madam Brozzi, the French teacher at Page, is leading the group. There are only four members of the society, so a couple members from the French Club are helping to sell the chocolates. The difference between the French Honor Society and French Club is the level of French that members are taking. French Honor Society students must be in French III or French IV and maintain an A average in French class and at least a B in each of their other classes without any behavior issues, whereas French Club students are allowed to join the club in any level of French. In these clubs, students participate in activities both in and out of school such as crafts or going to French restaurant for dinner.

The French Honor Society is helping the community by collecting donations for a Pirate from Africa who is part of a French speaking family. She has not been feeling well because of a medical issue, so the French Honor Society decided to plan a fundraiser to help her family out by giving donations and encouragement. Madam Brozzi wants “to make the French community recognized…” using this fundraiser. At the table you can pay two dollars for a pack of three Belgian chocolates. This five day event took about two months to plan, so the French Honor Society is hoping for a great turnout. Make sure to keep your eyes open, because the French Club is planning a fundraiser during Valentine’s Day week where they will sell European Chocolate Grams!

French Honor Society members receive donations and sell chocolates on December 19.



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