Free Dental Checks at Page Wednesday, February 20th

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On February 20, 2019 MILES Mobile Dental will be coming to Page for students who cannot receive or afford dental care. Mr. Brown, the social worker, has worked on forms that will be given out to every teacher with a first period. If you would like to sign up there are two ways to do it. You could get a form (which will have two sides English or Spanish) or you could do it online from the Page website.


Receiving care from the dentist is beneficial in many ways. 30 minutes with the dentist saves 2.1 days of school; All patients will receive toothbrushes and oral health instructions, easy to access, and it’s free. Mr. Brown feels this is important as he says “Students in pain can’t focus” this could ultimately lower test scores, overall class grades, cause absences in school, ect.

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