Student Council Elections: The Results Are In

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Another year of Student Council has begun, as their first meeting was held on Friday, September 17. Listed below are the officers:


Page Student Body Officers:

President: Cameron Jones

Vice President: Tyler Coker

Secretary: Perrin Maultsby

Treasurer: Isaac Sparrow

Pep (Social): Omar Soliman

Pep Chair: Caroline Coley


12th Grade Class Officers:

President: Adonis Payton

Vice President: Grady Sherrill

Sec-Tres: Helen Dehnert

Pep-YRC: Lyndsey Gamble


11th Grade Class Officers:

President: Natalya Jones

Vice President: Macy Macalister

Sec-Tres: Will Abell

Pep-YRC: Molly Pope


10th Grade Class Officers:

President: Rachel Grieco

Vice President: Lizzie Zmuda

Sec-Tres: Boone Redding

Pep-YRC: Trent Benton


9th Grade Class Officers:

President: Riley Kale

Vice President: Lexi Coker

Sec-Tres: Maggie Hu

Pep-YRC: Avery Walters


To the individuals listed, congratulations on being elected by the student body! 

Throughout the school year, Pages by Page will consult the Student Council to provide our readers with up-to-date information about events happening around the school, including dances, Spirit Week, and much more.