Double Fame: Page Gets a New Football Field and Airtime on Jared and Katie


Page hit a double lottery recently with being gifted $100 million anonymously and having our football and cheerleading teams featured on Jared and Katie.

Page High School has just latterly been endowed by an anonymous group of donors with the contribution of $1 million. The money is meant to go towards our school’s football field and the need for a turf. The Guilford County board of education unanimously voted 8-0 to accept the insanely generous donation at their meeting on Thursday, September 22nd.

News and Record states that the district administrators said the turf would “have lower annual maintenance costs and allow greater community use of the stadium as it will eliminate the concern regarding significant wear and tear on the current sod field.”

Page High School has been recognized as one of the Guilford County schools that is to be renovated. This makes it Guilford County’s first school to have its own artificial turf field.

While some were ecstatic about this benefaction, others think the money could have been used in other places to help the school. News and Record mentions how School Board member T. Dianne Bellamysmall thought that it was smart of the district to accept the money, but she wished it would have been targeted towards endeavors to better students’ academic test scores. Other board members voiced their opinions about how they don’t think it’s fair that other schools aren’t getting the same upgrades.

Now not everyone thought this whole idea was “unfair”. Matt Harder, Page’s Athletic director, said “There’s been talk of doing this for a few months now, and we just wanted to make sure everything lined up with the vision we have for the field itself.” He continued “We look at it as a field that could be utilized by our soccer, field hockey, football, and lacrosse programs, as well as local elementary and middle schools. We’re looking at it as not just a Page field, but a community field as well.” Harder also mentioned that he thinks the decision is a great opportunity for Page.

In other news, our very own football and cheerleading team were both on the Jared and Katie in the morning show this past week. The coaches were talking about the recent donation and how it will benefit Page.

SO it’s clear that Page has been having a pretty positive past couple of weeks. Who knows, maybe one day they will redo our hallways and we’ll be able to actually get to class without acting like we’re in the middle of a wrestling match. A person can only take so much stink in that tight of an area. All in all, Page has had a great start to the 2022-23 school year!