Page 2022 Cheer Team Wins First Place at Regionals


The Page High School cheer team had a great run during the football season this year! Coach Mickey, head cheer coach, led the varsity cheer team for the win. The cheer team has put in challenging work consisting of many hard-core practices to get to where they are now. On November 12th, the team came in 1st place at the Regional competition. Coach Mickey says, “We are at the great point that we are at now because of lots of hard work and effort. These girls practice lots of hours after school and at home to make sure they look and perform well.”

Senior Taiyari King, a Page High School varsity cheerleader, says, “Communication is key.” Communicating and uplifting your teammates is a significant factor in how well you can perform as a team-not just in one-on-one performance. I interviewed cheerleader Aneesa, also a senior. She says the key to a successful season is “teamwork and having fun while doing it.” Some athletes tend to stress themselves out when aiming for perfection. To prevent yourself from stressing about perfection, you sometimes must let loose and just have fun. Speaking from an athlete’s perspective, I know what it feels like to be very tense and scared to make a mistake because you want to be perfect. No one is perfect and that is okay. The golden win for the cheer team was accomplished with three things- teamwork, arduous work, and communication.