Should Page High Welcome a Boxing Club?


Creating a boxing outlet club in high school presents both positive and negative responses- starting with all the money it could bring to the school. All the money raised from a boxing club could help Page with their plans to renovate or rebuild the school. The money could also be used to buy other things for the school so that education and learning can be improved to make Page a top school in the state and county.

Another pro to creating a boxing club/team is the possible reduction in in-school violence and threats. Having a boxing club provides students with an organized, positive outlet to get out all of their anger at the end of the day rather than releasing it during school hours. This also cuts down on suspensions and students missing out on content hours. Teachers don’t stop presenting material just because a few students are suspended.

Instead of fighting during school hours and getting punished, students would have the opportunity to deal with their anger after school hours in a controlled environment where other people are around to make sure everyone is safe. Student Imani Tisdale says “I would want every boxer to box as long as it’s under a safe environment.” Fighting in an organized boxing club also makes sure people are up against others in their weight class before getting into the ring. This is important, as shown by Amonti Peguese’s comment “I wouldn’t want to fight someone double my size. I feel as if it’s unfair.” Another reason my peers and I feel boxing should be added to Page High School is that boxing matches happen without weapons or outside objects, making it much safer than uncontrolled school fights.

However, it is important to consider safety when forming a boxing club. Severe injury to the brain is a crucial and especially important thing to worry about, especially when doing violent sports such as boxing (ranked the 11th most dangerous sport in the world). Things such as concussions can change your life forever- it may affect the way you think or even the way you walk. Prichard Colon was a professional boxer who suffered an illegal hit on the back of the head, leading him to be paralyzed. The boxer who delivered the career-ending hit, Terrel Williams, received so much hate after the incident that he completely went off the grid and has not been heard from since.

Overall, I feel that the idea of welcoming boxing to our school would be an amazing opportunity. Boxing brings positive motives to otherwise intense altercations people may have. Even though boxing is extremely aggressive in nature, the aggression is controlled and fueled into something positive. Matches occur in a controlled environment with safety personnel present to make sure no one gets seriously hurt. When it comes to violence, there are 2 ways it can be handled: taking it out on someone in a negative manner, or letting it out in a controlled sport. So why not have inevitable violence under control?

So what do you think: should our school create a boxing club/team?