The new GAS app makes its debut at schools around the globe


Addison Farris and Natalie Scott

The GAS app A new app has made its debut at schools around the globe. The gas app is an app where you can add your friends and vote for people who you think are more likely to say this or do that. Every hour there are polls with ten questions with options about your friends on the app. On the app it will tell you if a girl or boy voted for you and what their class rank. The app has continued to gain popularity while also receiving mixed reviews from people all over. Some say the app is “Dumb” and “Repetitive” while others say how it’s “mysterious” and “interesting.” While these differing opinions coincide within many schools, some view that app as a casual way of stating how you feel about your peers.

Starting out this is what you can expect: When you first get on the app it will ask you simple questions such as how old you are, your name, what school you go to and to create a username. You can also add a profile picture as well. The app lets you add friends and invite friends that you have saved to your contacts. The app then gives you polls and lists four of your friends to which you will then vote for who you think most likely applies. You can also get voted for by the people you have added, and the app will give you a notification stating, “A girl voted for you” or “A boy voted for you”.

It will tell the gender and the grade level of the person that voted for you. There is also a feature that allows you to see the name of the person that voted for you, but the app requires you to pay money for that facet. When on the app you can accept flames and coins that can permit your name to be randomly put on other people’s polls. If you get 300 coins, then you can put them onto your crush’s polls. The app has gained many appraisals throughout the past couple of months but has seemed to be making a downfall as most users have either deleted the app or just stopped utilizing it all together.