What It’s Like to Be a Varsity Basketball Player at Page: IN-DEPTH REPORT


A great deal of commitment is required of players who make the Page Varsity basketball team. The physical strain on the players’ bodies, the mental struggles that come with carrying a team, and the leadership role that is expected is a lot to ask of a high schooler. I interviewed junior Alex Jones (#42) to fully understand how the pressure effects him in positive and negative ways. 

What is your before- game routine? How do you mentally prepare?

As an athlete, being mentally strong is sometimes more important than anything. Alex says “I listen to music. It really helps me. Sometimes we will even put a speaker in the locker room so the whole team can listen.” Music is scientifically proven to improve athletic performance. The Health and Science Academy says “It’s been shown that listening to music during exercise increases the efficiency of that activity and it postpones fatigue.” Alex is doing the right things to prepare for his games.

What has brought stress to not only you, but your team preparing for games?

The majority of the Boys Varsity basketball team are upperclassmen. Thinking about how basketball will affect their future can be stressful. Why are these players playing the game? Are they playing to get into college or are they playing for fun? Whatever the reason is for these players, reaching the goal and playing for a certain result can affect what we talked about above in the mental piece. As for his stressors, Alex shared “Looking at the scouting report, because potential college coaches could come see the team play. And also preparing to see the strengths in the opposing team.” Page is fortunately able to compete against amazing teams in the district. The team works hard every week to prepare for the game ahead. 

How do you balance high school life and basketball life?

When it comes to grades, basketball, working out, eating right, approval of coaches, and even staying patient with yourself, checking all of the boxes is difficult. What is at the top of Alex’s priority list? “My school work is definitely my priority. Being a student athlete means school is equally important as being an athlete.” To be on the Boys Varsity Basketball team, you have to have a 2.7 GPA. 

Outside of practice, what is your regimen as an athlete?

There are components to playing a varsity sport at Page that aren’t necessarily shown on the court. These athletes are expected to perform seamlessly on the court and in the classroom. Alex said, “I have to eat well and exercise every day, sometimes even outside of practice. Another huge part of my regimen is resting.” Rest and recovery is an equally essential component of exercising because it gives the body time to repair, rebuild, and strengthen itself between workouts and extensive training.

Varsity Boys Basketball at Page is a full commitment. As you can tell, Alex Jones is just one of the players that tries to exceed the expectations of his team, coach, family, friends, and teachers. What does it take to be the best? Don’t ask Page, we already know. 

PIC CRED: Faircloth Photography