The balance between podcast host, teacher and coach


Addison Farris, Co-editor

The balance of being a teacher and both a coach and podcast host might look scary to most people. The time management skills and the determination needed to pull that off can often make a person look the other way. However, there are some people who can accomplish and obtain such a busy schedule and who don’t get scared by the workload and constant stress. Page’s very own coach and teacher, Coach Baldwin, is one of these people. 

  Baldwin hosts a podcast called, “The underrated Podcast” and like most other people, Covid left many people with ample time. “Over Covid I had a lot of time on my hands and I’m always talking about sports, I’m always talking to coaches and players about a number of different things”, Baldwin said. He mentioned that somebody had told him that he should start a podcast. “So, I kind of played around with it a little bit.” 

The podcast was formed to be an “informative platform” for players, parents and coaches. Baldwin also talked about how he wanted the podcast to be a place where student athletes can come on and use it to promote themselves. “I wanted them to be able to talk about life through sports instead of the other way around and just talking completely about sports. I also wanted to know how their lives had been impacted by sports”.  

“The Underrated Podcast” receives a pretty wide-ranging demographic with viewers varying from high school students, college students to even parents. The podcast seems to reach many current athletes while also outstretching to former players as well.  

Baldwin says that the podcast has never received any backlash or criticism and that only positive feedback has come its way. “They actually love the information that I’m putting out, and I don’t try to use It in a negative way, and I think people like that.” Coach says. Baldwin also raises to the surface that the podcast is more so to enhance and inform, not at all to put anything harmful out.  

In order to successfully maintain a healthy work-life balance you need to know how to manage and prioritize your time. This can look like having to-do lists, organizing a calendar and even going as far as setting certain time slots for your day-to-day activities. You need to know when to do what and how much time you need to put into each pursuit.  

Coach Baldwin says that he does most of his work on his podcast when he’s in the off-season. This is an example of prioritizing the time you have and making sure you give yourself the time required in order to successfully get it finished. “It is kind of hard to work on it when we’re in school just because of the time constraints”. Baldwin then goes on to talk about how he puts lots of time into his podcast, with thinking it out, planning it, and then of course recording and editing. 

Coach says that recording the podcast itself doesn’t take long especially when the conversation flows. “I think everything should be organic” However the editing process he says can be very time consuming. “It can take me around 2 to even 3 hours just to make sure everything fits in the right place”. 

So ultimately, hosting a podcast, being a teacher and coach all at once takes a special kind of person and involves certain skills. So well done Coach Baldwin! Make sure you go check out, The Underrated Podcast, on wherever you listen to your podcasts!