The life of a Page High School baseball player


Nicholas Salas is a Freshman varsity baseball player that plays at Page High School. In his off season he works out to stay in shape and to build more muscle. He lifts weights and trains to help grow his speed and agility. He also plays basketball which also keeps him in shape. It also keeps him moving and on his feet during off seasons of baseball. He’s
been playing baseball since he was 4 years old and he plans to go pro in the near future. To do this he has to train hard. Here’s what his daily workout looks like:
-Bench presses
-Crunches and Plyometrics

Some things to keep him focused and motivated are his teammates, his family, his coaches, and over all his confidence. Nick plays this sport to make himself proud and to make his family proud. “One day i wish that others will look up to me as motivation and know that they can do anything they put their mind to. It just requires you to apply yourself and put in the effort,” Nick stated.

Nick also talked about how Baseball is his escape from the outside world, he says “It makes him strong physically and mentally.” He prevents getting hurt on the field by stretching techniques, and warming up. His routine is simple. ” I just practice pitching, hitting, going over drills, and going over situations,” Nick said.  His advice to those who are interested in playing baseball is, “To make sure you do your drills with a purpose and make sure you know how to do everything the right way or have an idea, ask questions if confused, warm up and stretch properly to prevent injuries”.