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The Official Student Publication of Page High School

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The Official Student Publication of Page High School

Pages By Page

Athlete of February


Hello Pirates! Back at it again with another athlete that represents Page High so well. Anika DuPreez, another dedicated Track & Field athlete, is a senior at Page High who is now committed to ECU for her sport. Not only that but engineering as well!
Anika has been involved in many sports before track. That includes soccer, swimming, and field hockey which she played at Page for three years. And the most shocking part is that Anika didn’t start pursuing track & field until 8 months ago. That means she started the summer of her senior year and, excuse my language, worked her butt off! Driving back and forth from Greensboro to Charlotte constantly during the summer of your last year of highschool shows true dedication. She has grown so much as a thrower that in her first ever meet she threw 34 feet and continues to get better! As we can all see, Anika is extremely busy with graduation coming up. Not only does she have to balance her sport but school work, exams prep, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends. She obviously has to plan every minute of every day just to have enough time to have fun! Not only does it help her get things done, but it makes sure that all her responsibilities don’t pile up on her at once. As a person who is pursuing track at a higher level, she gives thanks to both her coaches in Greensboro and her coaches in Charlotte that constantly push her to improve. Not only them, but she thanks her parents for pushing her and driving her to always be her best and supporting her on everything that she’s done. Now some advice she gives to young student-athletes is to not procrastinate and plan ahead. She also suggests not to stress so much, especially when it comes to juggling multiple things whether that be sports, work, or personal stresses. “Don’t let your world revolve around your sport or you’ll miss the high school experience and I promise you, you will look back and regret it.” Great advice given by an astounding person!
Thank you Anika DuPreezand on behalf of Page High School, we wish you well on the road to success!

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Jane Cockburn
Jane Cockburn, Staff Writer
Hello! My name is Jane Carrington Cockburn. I've been to Jamaica 5 times and once this year. I've also been to France and Iceland. I love playing basketball and exercising. I've lived in 3 states: Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina. My favorite place to live so far is North Carolina. I'm involved in my community. I participated as the Vice President of NJHS and volunteered as a counselor for a couple of camps during the summer. Hopefully I continue to grow and develop in high school, and I can't wait to write for the newspaper!

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