We Are Going Back to School. Now What?

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

In the next few weeks, students will be returning to Page High School for the first time in almost one year. Students will come back in two different cohorts. Cohort A will consist of Pirates with last names from A-Lita, and Cohort B will consist of last names from Litb-Z. It has taken a long time to return back to the buildings, so what do the GCS Board of Education and Page administration have planned for us? Going to Page for the PSAT, I saw a few changes. The safety protocols from the PSAT are the same, although lesser in number, as the protocols for when we return to two day in-person school. Firstly, we must have our temperature checked, fill out a screening form, and wear masks. To prevent face to face interactions, students can only walk in the direction displayed on stickers on the floor, sometimes making the trip to a classroom take a little longer than normal. During in-person learning, desks will be cleaned after each period too, and classes can only hold a certain number of students at a time that is much less than the normal number. There were 40 students in my history class last year, but that won’t be acceptable this year. Despite this, the Page administration and counselors assured students, parents, and teachers that they are doing everything that they can to keep students’ schedules the same, even if that means moving a teacher to a different, bigger classroom. Teachers and administrators will supervise to ensure that students are taking the proper precaution such as that only three students are in a bathroom at a time and that students are walking in the right direction too.

Additionally, there will be certain requirements for entering and exiting the building. Depending on where students are coming from, either a bus or car, and where students are going to, such as class or to their bus at the end of the day, there are different locations to come into or out of the building. These locations will be either G-Wing, the Main Entrance, or the Gym Breezeway.

There is a new bell schedule beginning on February 22 with less breaks, a shortened lunch, and longer classes: 

1st Period: 9:40-10:28

2nd Period 10:33-11:20

3rd Period 11:25-12:12

30 minute lunch break in fourth period classroom

4th Period 12:47-1:34

5th Period 1:39-2:26

6th Period  2:31-3:18

7th Period 3:23-4:10

Beginning on Wednesday, April 7, instruction will be remote, but there will be live classes. Until then, Wednesdays will remain asynchronous. At a town hall meeting on February 16, Mr. Naglee announced that if students opt to come back to in-person school, they will be counted as absent if they do not come to school, even if they sign onto their classes online. More information will be available as Page prepares for the return to school, but everyone is still learning from this unique situation. Luckily, bringing students back into the classroom is a major step into returning to our pre-COVID lives.

February 19 Updates:

  • Students with smartphones must download the CrisisGo app.
  • Many teachers will switch rooms to accommodate the number of students in their class. For example, a teacher with large classes will move into a more spacious room while a teacher with a small number of students per class will move into a smaller classroom.
  • Students cannot enter the building much earlier than when first period begins, even if there is poor weather. This means that students should try to arrive right on time.