Robertson’s Reportings: Olympic Sprinter Fatally Shot, Enormous NC Gas Price Jumps


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another week of Robertson’s Reportings! Halyna Hutchins, 42-year-old cinematographer of the upcoming film “Rust,” was fatally shot on October 21 while on set. This has received a great amount of media attention, particularly because the movie is being produced by the famous actor Alec Baldwin. Baldwin was rehearsing a gunfight scene when he fatally shot Hutchins, but this has led many to wonder why there was even a possibility that the gun could go off. Prop master Neal W. Zoromski claimed that he turned down a job working on “Rust” because “the production seemed more interested in saving money than ensuring the crew’s safety,” according to the Los Angeles Times. This incident is being investigated by Los Angeles County authorities, and it’s possible that Baldwin will be charged with negligent homicide.

On a similar note, Olympic sprinter Álex Leonardo Quiñónez Martínez was fatally shot in Ecuador earlier this week. He rose to fame from his participation in the London Games where he ran alongside legends such as Usain Bolt. He was only 32 years old when he was killed. The shooting took place at around 9:20 at night in the streets of Ecuador, but no arrests have been made and no motive has been established.

North Carolina is tied with Florida for the largest jump in United States gas prices. The average cost of gas increased by 14 cents over the past week, so many people are limiting their driving as much as possible. The average cost of gas in Durham and Chapel Hill is $3.29, and this number is very similar throughout the rest of the state. In mid-July of 2021, the average cost of gas in North Carolina was $2.90, which was 37 cents more expensive than mid-July of 2020. This price was also the highest since 2014. Now, with the average price of gas being almost 40 cents higher than only a few months ago, many North Carolinians have been inclined to question the rise in prices.

Fortunately, the local economy has recently been boosted by the Broadway show Wicked coming to Greensboro’s Tanger Center. Estimates that take into account tickets, hotels, restaurants, and parking areas indicate that the show impacted the local economy by over $11 million. There were over 66,000 theatergoers and 24 performances.Wicked was also the highest grossing Broadway show to have ever been played in the Triad. 

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Photo Credits: WGHP FOX8