Path To Graduation

Hannah Avondet, Staff Writer

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                           With only several Page High School days left your very own Page Pirate seniors will be graduating. “Page was a very different informative experience for me coming  from Colorado; this school has multiple aspects that my school in Colorado didn’t. I never had doubts about Page because I was pushing through like the rest of the school and just believed in myself that I could achieve greater things. My favorite memory is when there would be a Page-Grimsley game with me and my boys would have a cookout and I would grill outside the gates.”, Michael James says. Make the most of it. Many projects, college applications, exams and a terrible loss to the juniors in Powderpuff, it is finally time to graduate. On June 12th at the Greensboro Coliseum we will have our final goodbyes. Alejandro Hernandez says “Yes I did have my doubts about Page while being here. I didn’t think I was going to make much friends because the people I use to be friends with back in middle school faded away.” He continues, “Page has definitely made me realize not to rely on anyone but to also not exclude anyone either. People will always come and go. Just hold on to those who are rare and kind-hearted.” Only 21 school days left Pirates.

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Path To Graduation