Lax Team Off to a Slow Start

Aminata Diawara, Staff Writer

As the season, begins our Page Pirates have unfortunately lost the first two games against the first and second best teams in the state. With the first game being home against Lake Norman and the second game being away against Weddington. the team has done all that they can to make sure they perform the best they can. “The overall game was fun to compete against the best teams in the state, but as a team it wasn’t very fun because we didn’t play our best and we didn’t perform our best” Coleman Bobbitt states. As the season continues we hope that the team will continue to grow and better themselves. Michael Gilman states, “I think we are going to be able to use this as a learning experience, we will learn from it and will always keep it at the back of our mind that we are trying to be at the level of the first two teams we played.” We hope that with the help of the new coach, Ira Vanterpool, the team will be able to gain their place as they had won the championship conference last year when they came in fourth place in the state